The key to a good chimney is making sure you inspect it, at least once a year. These checks should be performed regularly to save damage to your family and your property.

A chimney is not just something that has no use. It is not a design feature of your house. The chimney has the important job of channeling dangerous gases and smoke out of your house.

Chimney Maintenance

Chimneys need to be maintained to a high standard, if left to go to rack and ruin you can guarantee your house will follow. If you are not used to working at height you should be safe and get your chimney inspected by a good quality firm like us.

The best time to get your chimney checked is before winter every year, as this is the best time to fix any damage and also the best time to spot it. You use your chimney more in the winter so it’s best to get rid of any problems straight away, so as to safely use your fire indoors without worry.

Chimney repairs in Edinburgh

There are many different reasons why there could be damage to your chimney. The main one is weather. The chimney is at the top of your property and can be damaged by high winds and storms quite easily. Rain can also seep into the brickwork, which makes it less sturdy.

One of the first signs of chimney damage are loose for missing flashings, and I one of these or any of the other signs of chimney damage get in touch with CFT Roofing today.

We aim to be with you within 24 hours to assess the chimney damage. All of our tradesmen are fully qualified and insured to survey and repair your chimney, and our prices, though not compromising on quality, are extremely competitive.

A chimney in need of repair will only get worse if ignored and in extreme circumstances can collapse into your property causing expensive repairs, an unlivable home and possibly injuries to you or your family. At CFT Roofing safety is paramount, we will never cut corners or use shoddy materials and we believe the high quality of our work reflects this.

So give us a call and one of our friendly staff will arrange a visit to your property to examine your chimney and help you to decide on the best course of action. We are ready and willing to help, so call us today.

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