Single Ply Roof Installation

‘Single ply’ technology offers maximum freedom of choice in roof design, performance and appearance to suit any new construction or refurbishment. Single ply roofing has many advantages to the modern building and is a mainstay solution for any new construction that requires lightweight waterproofing. These materials are very durable and provide long lasting roofing, which will keep well in most weathers.

This form of roof waterproofing is also becoming popular in the refurbishment sector, not only as an overlay sheet to a currently installed system, but also as a complete replacement. Its popularity with green roofs is also growing, particularly where low maintenance extensive vegetation is specified.

Single ply membranes are strong, flexible sheets composed predominantly of synthetic polymer (Thicknesses range from 1.1mm to 2mm)

Some products are homogeneous, others reinforced with glass fibre or polyester, depending upon the application. They are sealed at joints to form continuous waterproofing. CFT Roofing can offer each type of material, and we can give you competitive pricing too. We always source the best material for you and will give you a clear quotation before we begin, and can also make up a cost comparison with other types of roofing to help you to make up your mind.

You will often find that this type of roofing is seen as eco friendly and in the world today, that is becoming more and more important, so you may want to think about this aspect of single ply roofing.

Combined with insulation and continuous support, they form durable roof systems. Fundamentally, like all other roof waterproofing, a single ply system must provide protection from all weather conditions. Such protection may be required before building completion to facilitate rapid fit-out of the interior, however our staff will be able to advise you if this is a necessary step to take before we go ahead and do any work for you.

If you want this sort of roofing put in, then we will be happy to come and quote you on it. We use only the best materials and can explain the benefits in full upon our visit. Our professional staff will be happy to advice on all aspect of single ply roofing and we will be able to advise you whether it will suit your property on our visit.

We pay careful attention to details making sure that your new single ply roof will be watertight!

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