Lead roofing has stood the test of time, and it has proven to be long lasting, reliable and extremely durable which makes it a great choice for your roof. It’s guaranteed unbeatable lifespan is one of the major benefits of choosing lead roofing. It’s durability means that lead roofing can last for decades without ever needing any replacement. Some might say that the old ways are the best, and this would certainly, if not always, then often be right in the case of lead roofing.

Lead roof installation and repairs

Lead roofing is incredibly resistant to corrosion and harsh weather conditions, such as torrential rain / storms and being able to deal with large loads of snow, so it doesn’t degrade as quickly and outlasts almost all other types of roofing. It’s a fantastic choice for covering porous or potentially vulnerable roofing materials, protecting them from the elements and creating an overall stronger and more resistant structure. Therefore it is a great idea if you are living in a climate that is prone to heavy rain. These days, isn’t that everywhere?

Another key advantage of opting for lead is it’s ability to cover a roof of any shape, as when it is first laid it is easy to maneuver over any gaps or shapes in the building, ensuring weatherproofing is a guarantee with this choice.

Your lead roof will live on throughout the decades, even lasting a lifetime, but if it ever does need maintenance or repair work, it’s extremely simple for a professional roofer to carry out, as lead roofing often requires little preparation and is an extremely recoverable and recyclable material.

Edinburgh lead roof specialists

So if you’re looking for a quality, durable and long-lasting roofing solution for your home or business property, then our lead flashing and sheeting services here at CFT Roofing are the perfect solution for your building’s needs.

We will come and assess your current roof, whilst providing you with options for your repair or new roof, and our friendly helpful staff will go through everything you need to know, so you will be able to make the best decision for your property. It’s important to get something you’re happy with so at CFT Roofing, we aim to please you with our dedicated service and fantastic rates. Just give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to come and quote you on your lead roofing options.

We pay careful attention to details making sure that your new single ply roof will be watertight!

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