Old Roof Problems?

Roof replacement is one of the most critical and significant investments that a homeowner can make. An old roof will spell trouble the longer you put off such a replacement, not to mention lower the value of your home. Unless you are a specialised roofer it’s unlikely to know everything about your roof problem, that’s why you should get in touch with us for a proper evaluation.

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

The cost of a new roof is pretty hard to determine because it depends on several factors: the size of the roof, how much structural damage it has and also the type of covering. Every house is different and has its own problems, calculating the new roof replacement cost will require exact specifications.

As a local roofing company based in Edinburgh we have a wide scope of skills and training to handle any type of required repair or replacement, if you’re interested in other types of roofing services feel free to contact us.

Quality Re-Roofing services at affordable prices!

What Clients Say:

  • We heard about CFT Roofing from a close friend of ours. We were a little bit skeptical at first because we own two other properties and we have experienced some bad roofing services in the past. Now, after the work is done, I can't thank them enough for the excellent roof replacement they did. I was very satisfied by their services, from booking to the finished work. Thank you!

    Charles F.

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